A better way to power remote industry

Cambridge Energy Partners (CEP) delivers a unique solar energy solution for large industry (e.g. mines) and commercial customers in sunny and remote locations, such as Africa, Latin America, and Australia.

Significant benefits for customers:

  • Low-cost electricity, up to 50% cheaper than alternative sources, including grid power and diesel generation
    • Prices as low as US $0.09/ kWh* 
  • Bankable, low-risk projects thanks to CEP's redeployable solar technology
  • Significant contribution - offset ~30% of total energy demand
  • Tangible social & environmental impacts that can pay for themselves

Solar power is now one of the cheapest power sources in many regions & CEP makes it easy for remote industry to finally achieve these savings.

Customers can either add solar PV to reduce their dependence on power from the local grid, which can be unreliable and expensive, or integrate solar PV into a diesel generator system to create a reliable hybrid system that saves fuel. 

*On a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) basis assuming 8% discount rate, 10 year project, a sunny location and excluding financing costs.

The CEP Difference

Our unique solution was designed specifically to address the needs of remote industrial operations that require large amounts of power e.g. mining, agriculture, or cement_

Revolutionizing the solar market in remote regions.

Low Cost: CEP's key advantage is a proprietary solar PV solution that is both fast and cost-effective to install and re-deploy. Unlike traditional solar PV plants that are inefficiently custom built on a project-by-project basis, CEP benefit from economies of scale. Its all-in-one solar PV systems are mass-produced in a factory and shipped directly to the customer site in shipping containers, which eliminates several intermediaries and can reduce total costs to customers by up to 40%.

In effect, CEP brings the efficiency of mega-scale projects to the small- and medium-scale market.

Bankable: Additionally, being redeployable fundamentally changes the risk equation for customers with short or uncertain operating lives (e.g. gold mines), or when the party who ultimately pays for the power has lower credit (e.g. many emerging market utilities). This meaningfully reduces risks to lenders since the equipment can be removed and resold should the customer default on their payments. 

Scalable and Flexible

Installations are easily scaled to meet customer’s needs. Systems are pre-assembled into modular blocks that can supply anything from 100 kW to over 20 MW. 

This also allows CEP to supply affordable power to local communities and businesses, for no additional cost to the industrial customer.

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Cover photograph by Moyan Brenn