A better way to power remote industry

Cambridge Energy Partners (CEP) is a unique independent power producer (IPP) that delivers solar energy as a service to large industry (e.g. mines) in sunny and remote locations.

Customer benefits are significant:

  • Lower cost electricity with no upfront payment
  • Reliable power 24/7 that will never disrupt operations
  • Contracts as short as 6 years
  • Tangible social & environmental impacts that pay for themselves

Solar power is now one of the cheapest power sources in many regions & CEP makes it easy for remote industry to finally achieve these savings.

The CEP Difference

Our unique solution is tailored to remote and off-grid industrial operations that require large amounts of power or water e.g. mining, agriculture, cement_.

Customers receive a reliable hybrid power system that saves fuel. We supply the solar energy and integrate this power into the existing electrical system.

This is only possible because CEP has developed a proprietary solar PV solution that is both fast and cost-effective to set-up and re-deploy. This fundamentally changes the risk equation so that operations with short or uncertain operating lives can be effectively served.

Scalable and Flexible

Installations are easily scaled to meet customer’s needs. Systems are pre-assembled into modular blocks that can supply anywhere from 1 MW to over 20 MW. 

This also allows CEP to supply affordable power to local communities and businesses, for no additional cost to the industrial customer.

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Cover photograph by Moyan Brenn