Nomad trackers are built to be deployed in places where flexibility and durability are essential

These easily deployable and movable solar trackers are ideal for a variety of remote applications

Remote Industry
Remote Industry


Diesel Generator
Off-grid Hybrid

Short Deployments

Clean and renewable remote power

Demand for power in remote locations is growing quickly. Remote industries often rely on fossil fuels or unstable grids to power their operations.

We have decided to change that by developing the world's first prefabricated and movable solar tracker.

Nomad solar trackers make solar power a cost-effective alternative to expensive diesel and unreliable grids for remote locations. These modular and scalable solar trackers can be installed in applications ranging from 30 kW to 10’s of MW, generating low cost and clean power. 

The mobility of Nomad solar trackers mean they can be used in multiple locations during their 25-year design life and are lower risk than permanent installations.

Solar integrates into existing electrical systems offsetting costly grid power and diesel generation with clean and low-cost renewable power.

Remote Industry