A better way to power remote industry

Cambridge Energy Partners (CEP) sells large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) generators to customers in remote locations around the world. 

CEP’s generators look and behave like traditional utility-scale solar energy systems, but are fast to install and easy to redeploy. Our systems also track the sun throughout the day, which increases energy yield when compared to fixed-tilt systems.

Ideal applications include large industrial operations, which can self-consume the solar power to displace a higher-cost power source, and utility-scale solar projects in emerging markets

Significant benefits for customers:

  • Low-cost electricity, up to 50% cheaper than alternative sources, e.g. diesel generation, or the electrical grid in many remote regions
  • Bankable, low-risk projects thanks to CEP's redeployable solar technology
  • Significant impact for industrial operations - offset ~30% of total energy demand