A better way to power remote industry

Cambridge Energy Partners (CEP) sells its revolutionary Nomad-100 solar photovoltaic (PV) generators to customers around the world. 

The Nomad looks and performs like a traditional utility-scale solar tracker, but is four times faster to install and cost effective to redeploy. Horizontal single axis tracking moves the panels throughout the day to follow the sun, which increases total energy production by up to 35% compared to fixed-tilt systems.

Ideal applications include large industrial operations, which can self-consume the solar power to displace a higher-cost power source, smaller grid-connected projects with high installation costs, and utility-scale solar projects in emerging markets

Significant benefits for customers:

  • Low-cost electricity, up to 50% cheaper than alternative sources, e.g. diesel generation, or the electrical grid in many remote regions
  • Bankable, low-risk projects thanks to CEP's redeployable solar technology
  • Significant impact for industrial operations - offset ~30% of total energy demand