Designed for flexibility and performance

The Nomad has been designed like a traditional single-axis solar tracker, with the added benefit of being movable. This movable asset can be fully utilised over its 25-year design life — lowering life-cycle costs and unlocking opportunities for short term applications and in remote locations.


The Nomad is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, and designed to be installed faster than traditional tracking systems


Built in self-contained units, the modular design makes the Nomad scalable and flexible, ideal for projects from 30 kW to 20 MW or more


Nomad units are easy to deploy and to relocate, unlocking opportunities that are not viable using traditional solar and eliminating 'stranded asset' risk

How it works

Inverter, panels steel

We source solar modules, inverters, tracking electronics, steel parts and other components from trusted suppliers


We assemble Nomad redeployable solar trackers in our factory, making sure that materials, components and assembly comply with our quality standards


Prefabricated Nomad units are packed in 40-foot high cube containers, enabling transport densities of up to 150 kW per container


Nomad units are shipped to site in 40-foot high cube containers, reducing the logistical complexity of getting equipment to site

Solar Plant

Nomad units are deployed on site significantly faster than traditional single-axis solar trackers, reducing labour and logistic costs


The solar plant operates exactly like a traditional single-axis solar tracking plant, producing higher solar yield compared to fixed tilt plants

Sell or Redeploy

Once the solar plant is no longer needed, the Nomad units are packed up to be used elsewhere or sold

Recycle Plant

At the end of the Nomad's 25-year design life, the units are packed up and sent for refurbishment or recycling, reducing it's impact on the environment