Why Redeployable?

The demand for affordable power is enormous and growing quickly in developing regions. Lower-cost solar energy will play a significant role in the future, however, significant barriers remain in remote areas:

  1. Supply chain inefficiencies and high installation costs make traditional solar PV systems costly
  2. Stranded asset risk makes external financing difficult

Our Solution

CEP has developed the world’s first all-in-one solar generator that is modular, mobile, and tracks the sun. This means that even the most remote locations can now access cost-effective and low-risk solar power.

The modular generator can be used in applications ranging from 30 kW to 10’s of MW with energy that costs less than from traditional solar systems.

The mobility of the generator also mitigates risks and makes our generator significantly easier to finance than permanent installations.

Industrial customers – How it Works:

CEP’s solar generator integrates into existing electrical systems to create a reliable hybrid system. Lower-cost solar offsets more costly power from either the local grid or diesel generator system.